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Tips for how to clean the solitaire diamond ring

15 Aug

Diamonds are the hardest substance, but it does not mean that we can bring life back by using any old cleanser. Coatings and other materials used to enhance diamonds can sometimes be removed by harsh chemicals or vigorous scrubbing, so take care when it’s time to make your diamond ring sparkle.

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Jewelry Appraisals & Lab Certificates

13 Aug

Jewelry appraisals and lab certificates are two important types of reports about your gemstones and jewelry, but they do not serve the same purpose. Don’t assume that labs and jewelry appraisers are qualified or unbiased. You should use someone whose services are not connected to the firm that is selling the jewelry or gemstone.

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Four Tips for Selling Your Diamond Jewelry

10 Aug

Unlike gold, which has a quantifiable melt value, resale prices for diamonds have no one objective measure, making it easy for inexperienced sellers to become confused and overwhelmed.To help unravel the mysteries of diamond selling, here are four tips to consider before hocking your stone.

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Platinum Engagement Ring Guide

8 Aug

Platinum is a great choice for engagement rings and wedding bands because it won’t change color or fade. It symbolizes a relationship that will endure. This guide answers the questions you might have when selecting your platinum engagement ring.

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Top 5 celebrity engagement rings of 2011

6 Aug

A Pop Princess, British Royalty, a Black Swan and her ballet dancer, a supermodel, and a Kardashian round out our favorite celebrity engagements in 2011, which we based on the most important element — the bling, of course. With December through February being the most popular time for wedding proposals to be “popped,” you too might have engagements on the brain. Take some inspiration from our five favorite celebrity engagement rings from 2011.

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Jewellery – Simple Tips for a Stunning Look

1 Aug

Selecting the right jewelry can add that touch of class and sensuality, transforming you from plain Jane into a perfect princess.When making a decision on what pieces of jewelry to wear, remember less is more. It only takes a pair of long dangly earrings to highlight your slender neck or a sparkling gem pendant to match your eyes, to create a startling effect.

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How To Wear Statement Jewelry

30 Jul

Statement jewelry is such a strong trend for anytime you want to make an impression with your jewelry! But are you having problems incorporating big, bold jewelry pieces into your wardrobe? I’ve got a few suggestions and outfit ideas to make statement jewelry into a great accent for your wardrobe. The key is figuring out how to make statement jewelry work for you, instead of feeling overwhelmed by it.

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