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Dear business owners,

Successful companies create their brand both online as well as offline. Online branding goes beyond content creation and website. What strategies should you use to stand out amongst hundreds of other brands? How do you create a brand that makes an indelible virtual mark? Follow Pages LA and get answers to many of your questions.

Our corporation was established in 2004. We bring 20 years of online, sales and marketing experience. Based in LA, Pages LA owns and operates 13 online guides and generates about 2 million local hits per month.

After a number of successful marketing seminars and hundreds of private consultations, we decided to create this website to share our extensive knowledge with you, as well as collect and post articles written by experienced professionals worldwide. Our goal is to provide you invaluable tools to market your business successfully.

We hope you like what you read and come back to visit us soon.

Invitation to Join Us on Pages LA Blog 

Business blog offers a great platform to increase your online presence. Blogs give businesses and opportunity to interact with potential consumers, expand their network and reach out to a wider audience. Having a business blog allows owners to get feedback, increase brand awareness and influence search engine rankings.

Following these easy to implement tips will ensure that you present a better business blog: 

· Plain English Rules – Avoid complicated jargon, pretentious vocabulary and thought stopping gaps that disrupt the message you are trying to convey. Using clear, concise and short sentences in plain English ensures that you get straight to the point.

· Define Your Style – It’s important for the readers to identify with your business blog. Make sure that the tone of your blog is professional and is focused on your area of expertise.

· Quote Your Resources – Make sure that you cite facts, figures, images and resources related to your blog post. Giving credit to resources reinforces the legitimacy of your business blog and provides reasons to trust your blog.

· Keep It Short and Crisp – Keep the web audience in mind when you write a post. Web readers read blog posts that are clear, short and engaging. So, cut the story short and make sure that your blog posts add value to your clients and readers.

· Call to action – The popularity of your blog can be gauged by the number of comments, link backs and social media mentions it attracts. Always end your post with a call to action. Invite readers to leave comments, ask appropriate questions, or request them to follow you on your social media profiles.

Pages LA offers you a platform to get noticed and widen your online presence through its blog https://pagesla.wordpress.com . You are invited to boost your website ranking by sending articles and blog posts related your business and link the posts on your site.

Blogs can be sent to info@PagesLA.com 

Team Pages LA


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