Mini Bar Desgin Ideas

23 Jul

Mini bars are popular among small home owners as they tend to occupy less space and also serve the purpose. What’s more, the design ideas for mini bars are endless. Creating a mini bar need not be an expensive affair, all you need to do is come up with creative ideas and use re-purposed furniture.

You could fit in a mini bar inside a closet, convert an antique table into a mini bar, pick a corner shelf and turn it into a mini bar. Having a cocktail party? Just arrange a couple of drinks on designer or vintage trays or a movable table and you have a temporary mini-bar ready!

If you are a stickler for hidden mini bars, try creating one behind a mirror or a tall centerpiece. You can use storage cabinets in the kitchen too. Need some inspirational mini bar design ideas? Check out’s 39 cool home mini bar ideas and’s minibar ideas for home.

If you are someone who is fond of vintage or antique mini bars, do check out Castle Antiques’ range of mini bars.

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