Know all about Shankleesh – Lebanese Spicy Cheese

23 Jul

Lebanese love their cheese and the fact is evident from the sheer variety of cheese available in the stores. The Lebanese diet comprises of various cheeses including Kashta, Jibneh Arabieh, Ackawai and Naboulsi.  While these cheeses are fresh, there is a mold ripened popular cheese called Shankleesh.

Shankleesh is a semi-hard cheese make of goat’s milk and yoghurt. Basically, the milk is boiled and yoghurt is added to the boiled milk. The resulting yoghurt is strained unti dry and salted. They are then shaped into balls and sundried for a couple of days. They are then stored in air-tight containers. The cheese attracts the growth of mold. The mold ripened cheese is then rinsed and covered with herbs and spices such as thyme, pregano and pepper to prevent further growth of mold.

The resulting pungent dry cheese with crumbled texture is ready to be used. Shankleesh can be added to give a new flavor to salads – just crumble shankleesh over diced veggies and top it with loads of olive oil, make a bruschetta with bread or give eggs a perfect finish.

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