US Census – The New Melting Pot

6 Jul

Watch video – US Census – The New Melting Pot

17 May 2012 CNN
Mark Mather is of the Population Reference Bureau.

[Are we going to see Kansas looking like Los Angeles?]

We are seeing minority growth across the country, mainly in the child population but it will move up the age distribution and soon we will see the labour force make major transformations as well.

[How is that going to change life in the United States?]

We’re becoming a much more multicultural society. The census categories in 20 or 30 years might lose their meaning. We’re going to become such a melting pot as we have a lot more people who are multi-racial identifying with more than one race or ethnicity.

[Are minorities going to moving into positions of influence?]

I think that will happen definitely in the future. Especially the Latino population – that’s the fastest growing minority group right now. Politicians are going to have to listen more to these groups.

[Some countries have had resistance. People are less accustomed to seeing their world change. France is an ethnic nation state, the United States doesn’t have an official ethnic group?]

No it doesn’t. We have a long history of immigration. But at the same time, these baby boomers are reaching retirement. There is a culture shock, these older whites are seeing this rapid growth of a population they are not used to.


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