Writing a Will under the Israeli Law

27 Jun

As a general rule, a person who has in his possession few assets in different countries or jurisdictions is advised to prepare a legal will in each jurisdiction, in order to avoid unnecessary complications.

Four forms of a will are recognized by the Israeli Succession Law, 1965 (hereafter: “the law”): a hand-written will; a witnessed will; a will done in the authorities; and an oral will.

A hand-written will must be handwritten by the testator and it must carry the testator’s signature. The date on it must be handwritten by the testator as well.
A witnessed will must be in writing, carry a date, signed by the testator’s in the presence of two witnesses. The witnesses must confirm with their signature that the testator signed and declared in their presence that this is his will.
A will in the authority – Another way of making a will is to approach the Israeli court or the Inheritance Registrar and either submit a written will to a judge (the term includes an Israeli Notary) or registrar or orally dictate the will to them. The testator himself must be present and his words will be written by the judge or registrar.
An oral will is the least common situation, however, it may be valid, under certain circumstances that are specifically dictated by the law.


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