Medical Payment Claims

27 Jun

You are entitled to medical payment claim if you submit your claim to an insurance carrier. The claim reimburses medical expenses such as medical, surgical, hospital, dental, ambulance, physical therapy and other related bills including funeral expenses incurred by you or your co-passengers in an accident. The reimbursement can be claimed up to a specified policy limit.

The advantage of having medical payment coverage is that you can claim for your medical expenses to be reimbursed immediately irrespective of the state of personal injury case. Typically, medical payments coverage is relatively inexpensive as compared to other coverages available in an auto liability insurance policy. We have seen premiums for this coverage range between $45.00 and $65.00 for a six months period. The excess with reimbursement is typically $5.00 to $10.00 less expensive but NOT recommended. Coverages available from the various insurance companies in the California market range from $1,000.00 medical payments coverage to $25,000.00 medical payments coverage, with the average insurance carrier having a limit of $5,000.00 medical payments coverage available.

Experts at Torem & Associates  recommend, to the extent an individual can afford the cost of this coverage, that each insurance policy have coverage for medical payments which are NOT excess and NOT reimbursable.

Posted by: Torem and Associates


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