Caring for your Sterling Silver

27 Jun

Sterling Silver artifacts make great collectibles. Sterling silver alloy generally contains 92.5% pure silver and additional metals to make it harder. Sterling Silver is prone to tarnish or discoloration. However, the lustrous metal ware will last for generations with proper care.

Before we see how we can care for sterling silver, let’s find out why sterling silver tarnishes. Sterling silver reacts with the gases in air and food particles and gets discolored. Did you know that sterling silver tarnishes faster if it is unused for a long time?

Caring for your sterling silver:
• Make sure that you clean sterling silver artifacts/serving dishes immediately after use.
• Do not soak them overnight
• Avoid washing them in dishwasher
• Do not use abrasive metal scrubbers to remove dirt, they may cause scratches
• Wash using a mild soapy solution and rinse immediately with warm water. Dry them using a soft cloth.
• Avoid chemical cleaners
• If you are using commercial cleaners, make sure that there is no chemical residue on the serve ware

Castle antiques stock a wide range of sterling silver products. Do drop by the store to check them out.

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