Target Audience on Social Media

13 Jun

Do you find it hard to resist the temptation of clicking enticing small pictorial ads that pop on the side bar of Facebook pages? Social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are offering businesses various options to target potential customers through advertisements. What makes these ads interesting is the fact that you can specify your target audience based on their age, interests and geographic location. However, you have to make sure that you have a clear plan before investing in these social campaigns.

* Promoted Accounts and Tweets: Twitter now allows businesses to advertise their products and services through Promoted Accounts and Tweets. When you choose Promoted Accounts, Twitter selects users with similar interests to your followers and places your Twitter handle in the users’ “Who to Follow” section. Promoted Tweets on the other hand displays your most popular tweets to the target audience with similar interests. Business can decide how much they want to spend per day, per new interaction or per new follower.

* Advertising Strategies for Business Professionals: LinkedIn is a great platform to promote your business and services if you are target customers are business professionals. LinkedIn offers numerous advertising options including text ads and image ads with URLs. Here again, you can specify the target audience based on the industry, company size, age, seniority, gender, LinkedIn groups and geographical locations. Advertisers can choose CPC or CPM model to place your advertisement.

* Facebook Promotions: Facebook advertisements could be used to promote brands, increase fans, drive interaction and traffic or increase app engagement. Like other social campaigns, you can choose to specify your target customers based on the geographic location, age, gender, interests, relationship status, likes, connections and friends. You can choose either CPC or CPM model and set a daily budget and bid prices through your Facebook Ad Manager.

While all three of these social platforms can produce positive results, it is clear to see that the audiences and approaches vary. Facebook provides the largest audience and the most targeting options, while LinkedIn caters specifically to business professional and Twitter offers a more conversational and less intrusive option.

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