The History of Pizza

6 May

Where do you think pizza originated? In Italy, right? Wrong! If you like many others think that pizza originated in Italy, you must read the history of pizza once more. Did you know that the pizza originated in Greece? Yes, it is the Greeks who first baked large, flat breads with olive oil, herbs and spices and used toppings over them.

The flat breads found their way to Italy in the 18th century and were considered as peasant’s food. Pizzas were sold on streets since they were quick to make and delicious to eat. Of course, tomatoes were not used by the peasants at that time.

It is said that Queen Margherita happened to visit Naples and the chef, Rafaele Esposito decided to create a pizza containing the three colors of Italian flag. He chose mozzarella cheese for white, basil for green and tomatoes for red. The queen was pretty impressed by the flavorful dish. The combination proved to be a hit and was copied by others.

Well, that’s the history of pizza for you. Do drop in at Pizza Guy to taste authentic pizzas.

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