5 Steps for a Better Grade

6 May

What you learn in high school will form a foundation for your future academic life. Getting good grades in high school will not only help you get into your dream college but also gives you the confidence to tackle any situation.

Here are 5 steps to help you get a better grade.

Plan ahead for the week: It becomes easy to study when you have a clear plan for subjects and portions to be covered ahead of the week.

Set realistic goals: Don’t go overboard when you are setting goals. Have achievable goals as target so that you don’t end up frustrated. The goal can be as simple as setting aside a specific amount of time for a subject, finishing assignments ahead of the target date. Meeting the goals is as important as setting them

Manage time effectively: It’s easy to get lost connecting with friends on social media networks, phone and other activities. High school students should learn to manage their time effectively.

Stay Organized: Make sure that your study material, planners, notebooks and stationery is organized so that you don’t have to waste time searching for things

Review your plan: Reviewing your plan at the end of the week gives you an idea if the goals for the week were executed as planned. If the plan did not work for some reason, revisit your goals and chalk out a realistic plan for the week ahead.

Follow the above tips by Hebrew Discovery Center and you are all set to take on the new challenges your high school brings.

Posted by: Hebrew Discovery Center


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