Preparing Furniture for Refinishing

28 Apr

Well-designed wooden furniture can last for generations to come. Vintage and antique furniture can never get outdated. In fact, these are the most sought after furniture in the market. However, furniture tends to get damaged or dented while moving or due to water damage. You can refinish the furniture to give it a brand new look.

You need to prepare the furniture before refinishing it. Here are some steps involved in refinishing the furniture.

• Remove all parts including metal or glass knobs, mirrors, tiles, upholstery that are not needed for refinishing
• Remove old paint using commercial paint or varnish remover
• Make sure that all the loose joints are glued properly. Use plastic resin glue to get the best job. Remove excess glue with clean water while it’s still wet
• Fill cracks and holes, if any with stock shellac
• Remove dark spots with commercial bleach
• To get the desired smooth finish, start sanding the furniture in the direction of the grain with the right sanding paper. Remember -the coarser the sandpaper used, the darker the stain color will be.
• Remove all the dust using a proper air hose or a vacuum cleaner

Make sure that all the above mentioned steps are taken care of. You are all set for giving your furniture a brand new look. Go ahead and have a blast refinishing your furniture. Not sure how to go about this? Castle Antiques refinishing experts can help giving your furniture a makeover. Get in touch with us.

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