Caring for Your Antique Furniture: Top 5 Tips

30 Mar

Maintaining your antique furniture is not the same as maintaining your modern furniture. Using furniture maintenance products such as polishes, wax, finishes, and adhesives can affect the value of your furniture. With proper care, your antique furniture will look exquisite for years to come.

Here are the top 5 tips to clean and maintain your antique furniture :
1. Use mild soapy solution to remove water-soluble grime. Use a soft cloth sprayed with this solution and rub covering small areas each time. Make sure that the cloth is clean all the time. Either rotate the cloth or use a fresh one when you move on to the new area.
2. Mixture of Vaseline and wood ash works great for removing water marks on furniture. Make a paste of fine wood ash and Vaseline and rub it over the water mark in circular motion until the mark disappears.
3. Avoid using steel wool or synthetic wool for cleaning furniture. Although they remove the accumulated dirt, they leave scratch marks on the furniture making it look drab.
4. Heat and moisture can affect the veneers, joints and inlays of the furniture. Avoid placing your antique furniture close to fireplaces, heating vents and areas that have more moisture content. Remember to use a dehumidifier to prevent adverse effects
5. If you are planning to re-arrange your furniture, make sure that the shelves, drawers and doors are dismantled before the move. If the furniture has glass in it, give enough protection by layering it with padding materials.

The value of antiques will increase as they age, provided you maintain them properly. Castle Antiques has a wide range of antiques in its inventory. Do check them out.

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