Immigration News in Brief & Useful Links

14 Mar

News in Brief

The following additional items may be of interest to our readers:

Online “Self-Check” of Employment Eligibility Status for Workers: USCIS has expanded access of its free online “Self Check” service that allows workers to check their employment eligibility status, entering the same information that employers enter into E-Verify. The service also provides guidance on how to correct DHS and SSA records, which the individual can do prior to the hiring process. The service is available in English and Spanish. For more information, see

DOJ Employee Rights and Employer Guidance: The Department of Justice (DOJ) recently issued two rights-oriented reminders for employees whose employer uses the E-Verify system, and for employers who are subject to an ICE audit. They are available at

TPS Extended for Eligible Nationals from El Salvador: USCIS announced an 18-month extension of El Salvador’s TPS designation through September 9, 2013. The 60-day TPS re-registration period is open until March 12, 2012; work authorization documents (EADs) are automatically extended for current TPS beneficiaries until September 9, 2012. See

How To:

Check processing times or the status of a particular immigration case

Report your change of address to CIS

File your change of address electronically

Schedule a consultation with Ms. Yardum-Hunter

Alice M. Yardum-Hunter

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