Five Ways To Use Email To Close The Sale

19 Dec

Email marketing, when used effectively can be profitable to your business. However email marketing should be used to tap only those customers who are in some sort of relationship with you or your business – either an established contact or someone who has shown earlier interest in your business. Here are five ways to use email to close a sale:

Call for action email:  Getting potential customers from contact list on to your customer list is easier if the emails have a single focus with short, crisp messages and end with a “call to action”. Make sure that the recipient reaps immediate benefit when he clicks the “call to action button”. Incentives such as discounts, freebies and special deals work towards improving the conversion rates.

The Follow-Up email: It’s easier to woo existing clients as they are familiar with your products and services. Send a follow-up email to get a feedback of your service and end it with top-up offers such as discounts on additional accessories for the product purchased or a free demo of the product.

The Upgrade email: Customers may want to upgrade, replace the products purchased or renew their service days after the purchase. Keep tab on the date of purchase and tap the opportunity by sending your clients information and advantages about the upgraded version, introduce them to the new products or send a reminder email to renew their service way ahead of the expiry date.

The Sale Notice email: Reward loyal customers by offering them an invite to sale preview or special discount on the sale via email. Do remember to mention that the offer is only for selective clients and you want to acknowledge their patronage. Such mails not only makes the customers feel special but also give a reason for customers to remain loyal.

The Partnership Offer email: Offer incentives for clients by inviting them to partner with your business through affiliate or revenue sharing mechanisms via email. Since the client has experienced your service first hand, the conversion rates are higher for referrals coming from such clients.  You can also offer to promote business related products and services of your clients.

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