6 Ways to Use LinkedIn Effectively

24 Nov

Businesses looking to reach out to potential clients must take advantage of business oriented social networking sites such as Linked In. This free online hub of professionals and companies offers you a chance to connect with individuals across all levels in the industry.

Businesses underestimate the vast potential that Linked In offers. How do you use Linked In to your advantage?

1. Create your professional identity online: A Linked In profile of your business or service gives your professional online identity credibility. People in your network searching for similar services like yours will see your profile first thereby increasing the potential of your business.

2. Develop Connections: Having the right connections makes all the difference.  Find people related to your business and send them an invite. Link all your social networking profiles to your Linked In profile. Developing as many connections as possible increases the chances of higher visibility across the network.

3. Make Right Connections – While it is important to be connected to large network of people, it is also important that the connections are useful to your business. Updating your profile with as much information as possible allows you to get in touch with people whom you might have worked with earlier.

4. Use your profile to get found on top search engines: Place links of your website, blogs on your Linked In profile. Incorporate keywords such as your name or business often in your profile for effective search engine results.

5. Find Resources Smartly: Whether you are looking for potential businesses to tie up with or searching for service providers that help your business, Linked In’s vast network allows you to find resources that match your expectations.

6. Seek advice and give advice: If you are looking for professional advice on any issues, take advantage of the “Answers” section of LinkedIn and get free advice from experts. Similarly, if you have an expertise on some subject, get involved and answer questions related to your expertise.

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